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A co-creator of Bitmoji,  I am classically trained in 2D animation with nearly 20 years of work experience. Working for Snap Inc. as a Senior Design Manager for 4 years with a team of 35 2D and 3D artists collectively, my role encompassed art directing, planning and was entrusted with 6 reporting managers. I was the driver of projects across various teams, delivering new features to the Bitmoji app and Snapchat users.  From art directing the efforts behind Bitmoji TV in 2019, to establishing the look of partnerships in 2020 for Ralph Lauren, Air Jordan as well as all regular releases.  I am extremely collaborative, driven and most of all, an advocate for equity in the workplace.  I am a firm believer that treating people with kindness and empathy is just as important as the work itself.

I am highly experienced working with developers and engineers, closing the gap between art and engineering - with focus on creating open communication between teams.  I take great pride in being the bridge that connects team members to achieve great results.

Prior to being acquired by Snapchat, I worked for Bitstrips the founding company behind Bitmoji.  During this time, I developed the art behind the stickers and raised the aesthetic for partnerships while supervising art creation.  Creating the content for over 230 stickers and working with brands such as; Disney, Pixar, DC, Marvel, Viacom, Universal, HBO, the MLB, Steve Madden, Kenzo, Nike, Adidas, to name a few.  The result attracted the attention of millions around the globe and was soon followed by the acquisition of Snapchat.

Prior to joining Bitsrips, my efforts were in creating and setting the look of art for games and online media.  Those companies included Gamehouse Casino, Corus Ent., and  As an animator and character designer, the roots of my career were founded in television animation.  Roles included were; Character Designer, Location Designer and special FX artist for a variety of televisions shows.

In my spare time, I enjoy gaming, reading science books, graphic novels, cultivating carnivorous plants and watching films.  I'm fond of bouldering, camping, running, snorkelling, olympic archery and hot summer days.  When the time permits, I love getting lost illustrating personal work and professionally developing new skills.  Most of all, I love spending time with my wife, two daughters, a very loveable German Shorthaired Pointer and grumpy house cat.


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